Tianna Michelle

Tianna Michelle founded Passion4Fashion101 in 2012 as a way to showcase current trends in fresh, inspiring ways. Tianna was born in Chicago, Illinois, but she’s lived in Michigan for most of her life. Tianna discovered her love of fashion at a young age. With a strong appreciation towards all aesthetics, she’s created a style that’s entirely her own- pairing classic and edgy, feminine and masculine, and always adding a fashionable unique twist to current trends.

Passion4Fashion101 allows Tianna to communicate directly with “the everyday woman” and offer style inspiration and advice along the way.

As her passion for fashion grew, she realized that every woman had a different style.
"It could be the same outfit worn differently by 5 different women." -Tianna Michelle
That discovery resulted in an impulse idea of creating an online fashion destination for women to create their style online. She Inspired brings you seasonal fashions that empowers the evolving woman to be themselves and rock their own look.


For inquiry's email Tianna @ tiannarobinsonm@gmail.com

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